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Press at Warriors vs Thunder Game 6

This past weekend, I was able to join Director Henry J. Kim and his crew at the Game 6 ROARACLE Arena Warriors vs Thunder viewing party as press! He’s been working on The Believers documentary for quite some time now, which will encompass the last 40 years of Warriors history. It’s the ultimate Warriors fan documentary, so keep an eye out for it and support this project!


I shot some footage on my Lumix Gh2 paired with a 17.5mm Voigtlander lens and got some beautiful shots, especially with the lighting coming off the jumbotron screen. In addition, I interviewed some diehard Warriors fans after learning we’d be moving onto Game 7! It was hands-down, one of the best experiences I’ve had–the energy and love the Bay Area showed in the arena to the Warriors and to each other was incredible.

Media Pass

Since I was asked if I wanted to invite any other media friends, I, of course, hit up my former MyxTv crew friends in the Bay Area. Fortunately, my friend Roland Posadas, GearAddix and camera extraordinaire, was able to come (and he was able to drive me around, haha–thanks, Roland!). Turns out, they knew each other! Just a testament to how small and tight-knit the production and film community is in the Bay 😉


Roland always has these fun new gadgets running GearAddix, so I was DELIGHTFULLY able to test out CameTV’s 3-axis single gimbal! Talk about EPIC steady and seamlessly smooth shots when working with the three motors that stablilize the camera along the tilt, pan, and roll axes. The built-in joystick on the handle also allows you to rotate the camera 360 degrees for those steady, spin shots. Definitely on my wishlist now!


Also, for the first time, I tested out Facebook’s Live feature. I mean, if you’re going to go live, might as well test this feature out at a Warriors vs Thunder Game 6! If you want to experience the energy, here I am live-streaming the last minute of Game 6:

Thanks to this crew here for the great times!

Warriors Crew

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